A lot can happen.

First post of 2016 and only three months in! It would be a very lengthy post were I to try and catch you up on everything since the last entry. Suffice to say I am still painting, still parenting and still loving my wife and this life of ours. There have been challenges and we have faced them. There have been fun times and we have savored them. Life. 

Recently I have made some new connections and re established some older ones. Making plans. I've also learned where I stand with certain people I supported and will be letting them exit quietly. When you give someone a gift and they see accepting it as doing you a favor it's obvious the relationship has flaws. That's ok though. I appreciate the experience and things I learned. I'll neither hold a grudge nor react in anger. Simply...let them go.

Lots of new events on the horizon and I look forward to sharing some of them here. Thank you for sharing with me.

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