Are you still here?

Hey! Haven't posted here in awhile. So much has happened and there is a lot on the way too. I could try to catch you all up but it would take me too long. Just know that I will be back on this blog more in the coming weeks and there is one major announcement I can hardly wait to share. Till next post!

2 thoughts on “Are you still here?

  1. you know..alot can happens. with all of its fantastic strange bewilderments and frustrastrations and mysteries…and beautiful things happen and magic happens and all along you realize God is right there with you…not judging you,but loving you just for who you are because thats who he created you to be…and all this internal warfare that we fight with ourselves and with others is only because humans feel this need to put limitations on things….there really are no love..and GOD is LOVE and if we truely understood that about one another, and that we are all a part of GOD , we would never hurt each other or place limitations on one another, or hold one another back. we would only encourage one another toward the best possible expression of who GOD created us to be until we one day returned home to be with him face to face once again….I am very proud of you Vaughn Belak and what you have done with the talents GOD has given you. I see it in your art and your family…you are shining! You are a good person and you inspire me and others.

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