“Vaughn Belak is a self taught independent artist/painter living in the Orlando/Central Florida area. He has been painting professionally for 10 years and self supporting entirely through his painting for the last 8 years. His work is collected and shown internationally as well as regionally in both group and solo shows. Cities he shows regularly in are Orlando Fl, Atlanta Ga, New York Ny, Austin Tx and Los Angeles Ca. His work and following are growing continuously. Vaughn’s style bridges the span from abstract to fine art as well as horror and pop culture icons. All of these elements come through with a very distinct sense of style that Vaughn has been honing throughout his career. Leaning towards darker imagery and tone, Vaughn manages to always find his own voice through both his commission work and personal expressions. Often surreal and stylized the subjects of Vaughn Belak’s art come from a very personal place within the artist that he opens to share with his audience.”