Moving parts.

New projects and new connections. I have some pretty great news to share soon. My website is getting ready to re-launch and I have several new magazine interviews about to be released. There is another but I have to wait for that one. In the meantime I am pretty lost focus wise in regards to where my next painting is going to come from. I haven’t even really painted in a few weeks. I am sketching more but that isn’t bringing any fruit yet. My recent class at the local art supply store was down in numbers and there is a thought to relocate where I host it at. So I feel like I have a lot of moving parts but no actual whole picture to see my next move. This is a good spot to be in. It is like a fresh canvas that I can go anywhere with. Blank check. I am excited and a little concerned but I know that this is always my path. Just when I feel the most lost something great always shows up. Faith they call it. I have some today.