Missing in action.

Well, seems I have let this blog slip away a bit huh? Not sure where to catch up or rather where to even begin. Currently I am working on new art for a show in October called “Necromancy”. It has yet to be announced but the line up (it will be a group show) has been finalized. Something I do is make lists. Lists of goals and things to get taken care of as well as lists of targets I aim for to further my success as an artist and as a person. If I were to show you my list of people I would want to some day have a show with but like…this list would be the no fucking way will that happen list…there would be 4 of these artists on that list. The show will be at Gods and Monsters in Orlando FL. It will be in October. That is all I can say right now. But I will say more here later. Stay tuned!