Through the noise.

As an artist the most important thing I need is attention. I need you to know who I am and know what I do. If you don’t know me then you won’t buy my art. So, I need to get your attention. I have seen artists that aren’t super amazing do super amazing things all because they get attention. Sometimes even negative attention brings incredible results as far as sales and opportunity. To get attention I will use all the things provided to me including social media, fliers, stickers, whatever. We as artists have to break through the noise all around us to let people know we are here. Other artists are NOT competition. The world is our competition. The noise of all the various things that get attention are what we need to learn to break through. Support other artists and share events and gallery openings to show you support others and in this you will gain a team to support you and your work. Above all…break through that noise.