Selling art at live events.

I take part in a lot of street art/live vendor type events. This is where I make my bill money and meet people to get new commission work. These events are great opportunities to see who your audience is and to get immediate feedback from clients. These types of events used to terrify me. I was uncomfortable and talking to people to try and sell them my work seemed painfully awkward. Over time this feeling has subsided a bit and I am now much more comfortable talking to people and selling more art.

The trick is…you have to believe in your work. If you don’t believe in your own work enough to be able to sell it to someone then who will? Like everything else I have learned to do I needed an example so I found someone that is an art dealer and I spent a good bit of time picking his brain to find solutions and answers to all my fears and questions. I read sales books in my spare time and I even draw from my former life in the world of retail in order to make more sales. Bottom line is that you have to be sold on your art or no one else will be.

I will be making more posts about art sales here and if you have any questions of your own please feel free to ask. I love talking about this topic and I love to share the information I have gathered because it was a bit tricky for me as well.